SMTA is a voluntary agency, which drew inspiration from SWRC, and is working in Chakrata region since 1983, on broad fronts of social development: watershed, Community based organizations, human resource development, water and sanitation, environment, non-conventional energy, education, gender and culture. SMTA is presently working in seven blocks located in the districts of Dehra Dun and Uttarkashi. In the former, SMTA is working in Vikas Nagar, Chakrata and Kalsi blocks of District Dehra Dun and Mori, Purola, Dunda and Naugaon blocks of District Uttarkashi in the State of Uttarakhand. Of these, Chakrata and Kalsi are tribal population inhabited blocks.

TEAM : Currently, we have a small multi faceted team: Kunwar Singh(AssociateDirector) takes the overall charge, to support the Honorary Director; Chain Singh, an experienced teacher with talent for extra-curricular activities and overall development of the child. Sultan Singh, a community mobilizer with four decades of hands on experience of many programs, deals with admin and accounts. Dhaneshwari takes care of the campus and hospitality. There is the watershed team headed by Sohan Singh.

We also have volunteers in the field, playing their crucial roles: Himanshu Rawat is the assistant teacher at our Primary school at Jakhadhar. Sohan Singh and Darmiyan Singh are helping us implement watershed program in Sarigad region. The rural community is our biggest strength and support.

Dr Satyendra, a medical doctor with considerable experience in rural development and counseling, is heading this team as Honorary Director (linkedin). 

Our President is Mr M C Joshi, an educationist and a social entrepreneur based in Dehradun. Ruben and Margaret, our founders, are currently based in Bangaluru: more about them, below. 


Maggi and Ruben, Founders and Friends

Our History
SMTA was founded by Ruben and Maggi (left) - from Manglore and Kerala respectively - a couple inspired by personal faith and dedicated to human development; other committed citizens of this region joined them: Late Shri Gulab Ramchandani, Mr Mohan Joshi, Late Shri Kripa Ram Joshi, Late Ms Devika Chauhan, Shri Tika Ram Sharma, Shri N D Joshi, Shri JPS Rana, Shri Rachit Gupta and many friends and well wishers, too numerous to name. 
It will hardly be an overstatement that Maggi and Ruben gave their lives, to build up SMTA to its current stature. They nutured it through numerous ups and downs and cultivated a large group of young Jaunsaris, who continue to work for the upiftment of this region, whether within SMTA or without. Due to health resons, they stepped down in 2016 and settled in Banglore, with their youngest son, Nishant. They continue to take interest in our work and keep in regular touch. This region and SMTA, will always be grateful to them.


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