Sunday, April 23, 2017

SMTA story

Students from Mac Master University having a picnic

SMTA is a voluntary agency, which began in 1986, having drawn inspiration from SWRC. It is operating predominantly in the Mid Himalayan ranges of Chakrata, Kalsi tribal blocks of Jaunsar Bawar and Vikas Nagar of District Dehra Dun and remote areas of Mori, Purola, Naugaon and Dunda blocks of District Uttarakhand.

SMTA is presently working in seven blocks located in the districts of Dehra Dun and Uttarkashi. In the former, SMTA is working in Vikas Nagar, Chakarata and Kalsi blocks of District Dehra Dun and Mori, Purola, Dunda and Naugaon blocks of District Uttarkashi in the State of Uttarakhand. Of these Chakrata and Kalsi are tribal population inhabited blocks. (This is to be updated soon)

It was founded by Ruben and Maggi - and other dedicated citizens of this region: Late Shri Gulab Ramchandani, Mr Mohan Joshi, Shri Kripa Ram Joshi, Late Ms Devika Chauhan, Shri Tika Ram Sharma, Shri N D Joshi, Shri JPS Rana, Shri Rachit Gupta and many friends and well wishers, too numerous to name. 

SMTA has implemented many programs; Education remained one of its most popular and successful initiative in remote mountains. Then, watershed interventions, solar lights, water filters, student summer course etc etc.  

Currently, the team consists of Shri Sultan Singh Rawat, Mr Kundanlal Sehgal, Ms Dhaneshi Rawat, Kedar Singh and Dr Satyendra (sachin) Srivastava, as Director/ Secretary. We are hoping to expand this team and get many more programs off the ground in coming days. 

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