Monday, March 18, 2019

               Annual Exams Apna School Smta Niketan Chakrata.Marrch-2019
       Annual Examination Apna School Smta Niketan Jakhadhar Chakrata D.Dun.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Comm WS V2

! Sunset seen from SMTA campus !
TISA is organizing a three day communication workshop at SMTA campus (see pictures of the campus in the first post below) on 29, 30, 31 March 2019 (Fri, Sat, Sun, ) for people who stammer/ stutter. If you have tried many therapies and are not happy with the outcome, this workshop may benefit you. It is based on Meditation, deeper discussion about underlying causes and some self-help techniques. Medium of discussion will be Hindi / English.

We are calling it Comm WS Version 2 since it is a big leap from our old communication workshops. For three days we will practice meditation from morning till evening. In the evening we will take up questions and techniques. Participants will have to report by the evening of day zero and will be free to travel on the morning of day 4. 

Regarding meditation: participants will be free to meditate on a mantra or breathing or on their chosen deity (Ishta) or do whatever they wish to, with their minds, as long as they are sitting quiet. Sitting still is itself an achievement and a life skill. Just sitting quiet can still the mind. And when mind is still, we are able to observe our thoughts, biases and inner strengths. The schedule will consist of sitting meditations, interrupted by walking meditation, with convenient breaks for snacks and food, served in silence.

Over the years, Sachin has noticed that most of pws' problems are located in MIND, not in MOUTH. But most of us EXTERNALIZE our problems and wait for a solution in the external world. We erroneously think: My world, my colleagues, relatives and friends MUST change- only then I will be able to communicate and survive in the world... How can I be happy and satisfied in a world like this? Psychologists tell us that this is a common "thinking trap".

How can we deal with such thinking traps? Before we can deal with them, we have to become conscious of them. Meditation is the 'eastern' method of becoming MORE conscious of our thoughts. This is why TISA promotes any and every method of turning mind inwards.

Minimum fifteen participants are needed. Old and new members of TISA- both are welcome. Age is no bar. Women also are invited. But please register early. Cost of board and lodge to be paid to SMTA (not TISA)- which includes veg meals, shared lodging, training hall - all inclusive, will be a nominal fee of Rs 800 per day per person. You may register by sending Rs 2400 to SMTA account as follows, and confirm with SMTA Accountant, Mr Kundan, (9412152249) between 10 am to 5 pm on any working day. He can also be emailed at .

Send your registration fee to:
SMTA,  PNB Vikasnagar (Dist Dehradun)
Acc: 0886000100129649
IFSC  PUNB0088600

After you have transferred the amount (or sent the cheque), please send a brief email about yourself, your therapy history, and your purpose in coming to this workshop to Dr Sachin at If you need a scholarship, let us know.

By the way, this is the same venue where TISA had their FIRST communication workshop in 2010 (link)!! And yes, the workshop will be facilitated by Sachin, whose own life has been touched by meditation. You will also be interacting with SMTA team- Sultan, Kundan and Ms Dhaneshwari and others. At the end, you may go for a day outing to Chakrata mountains, which is only 55 km from here. If you plan to do so, come with a few days in hand from 1st April onward. Recently Abhinav and Nishil (from Banglore) visited SMTA campus and here are their experiences (link).

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fun time with Friends

9-11 March.
Some friends from Kolkata, arrived and we got to spend some quality time with them in Jakhadhar. Weather was so good!
I also tried to brush up my Bangla phrase repertoire. Experts say: if you want to learn a language, give up fear of making mistakes and looking like a fool - and that is exactly what I did! Jia and Lopa helped me in this adventure. Alok discussed Vedanta with me- with snippets of Sanskrit and lot of wisdom!
It was a much deserved break for me too, after months of poor health..

Monday, March 11, 2019

          RWP Project Jhitar, Banpur  Pipe line work Complete & Hauz work complete in                                 Thachiya Basti Jhitar. The field visited by Sh.Mangat Ram ji & Sohan ji on 09/March/2019.

Going bananas

9th March:
We just finished watching 'Stuart little' movie. The children understood that out was about family values and acceptance. They enjoyed the scene where, Stuart, the mouse steers the boat and wins the race for his brother, George.
Then we all had a banana. Some kids made a sentence using 'Banana' in English...and some almost went bananas!

Friday, March 1, 2019

श्री- अंकुश जिन्दल जी ने अगस्त 2018 से 28 फरवरी2019 तक समता स्वै0 संस्था में रह कर अवैतनिक, सेवाभाव से निष्ठापूर्ण सरहानीय कार्य किया। समता इनका सदैव आभार व्यक्त करती है।