Monday, May 21, 2018

Mindful Students

Dhruv, a volunteer and Sachin (The director) spent some time (14-18 May) at Jakhdhar with our school students. We had some singing sessions (Lakdi ki kathi, Vande matram etc.). We also had a session to share with students about how every sense has to be involved in learning activities for the best results. We did it through a mindfulness activity: Dhruv gave everyone a peanut (some got pistachio etc.). First it had to be kept on the palm, carefully examined (sight, touch, smell) and explained (is it smooth? Curved? roundish? smells salty or nutty? how big could it be- 1 cm? or more? etc.). Then, it had to be placed on the tongue, rolled about and further explored. Only after 7-10 minutes, it was to be mindfully chewed and swallowed. Dhruv discussed the role of mindfulness in day to day living. He facilitated another session on about climate change and the role children could play. Dhruv has volunteered to help SMTA launch an online crowdfunding campaign.

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