Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Communication Workshop at Vikasnagar

! Sunset seen from SMTA campus !
A three day communication workshop is being organised at SMTA campus (see pictures in the first post below) on 6-7-8th May 2017 (Sat, Sun, Mon) for people who stammer/ stutter. If you have tried many therapies and are not happy with the outcome, this workshop may benefit you. It is based on principles of self-help, acceptance (of our diversity) and activism. Medium of discussion will be Hindi.

Minimum twenty participants are needed (Max 25). Old and new members of TISA- both are welcome. Age is no bar. Women also are invited. But please register early. Cost of board- veg meals, lodge, training hall - all inclusive, will be a nominal fee of Rs 400 per day per person. You may register by sending Rs 1200 to SMTA account as follows, and confirm with our Accountant, Mr Kundan, (9412152249) between 10 am to 5 pm on any working day. He can also be emailed at .

Send your registration fee to:
SMTA,  PNB Vikasnagar (Dist Dehradun)
Acc: 0886000100129649
IFSC  PUNB0088600

After you have transferred the amount (or sent the cheque), please send a brief email about yourself, your therapy history, and your purpose in coming to this workshop to Dr Sachin at

By the way, this is the same venue where TISA had their FIRST communication workshop in 2010 (link)!! And yes, the workshop will be facilitated by Sachin, Sumit Chilkoti, Pawan, Parmanand and other local TISA "experts"! Activities will be selected on the basis of your experience and needs but these will certainly be challenging. You will also be interacting with SMTA team- Sultan, Kundan and Ms Dhaneshi and others. At the end, you may go for a day outing to Chakrata mountains, which is only 55 km from here.

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