Monday, June 12, 2017

Digital literacy for rural population?

Yes, that is the theme for our collaboration with P-Tech Educational Trust of Agra (website)! That, 60-70% of Indians who still live in villages, become smart users of various IT initiatives available to rest of the world now - like cashless transaction, getting an OTP and using it safely on an android phone etc.? Can this be done in the villages of Uttarakhand? We are sure that this can be done- and this is the way forward to a vibrant future. In fact, this could bring in a revolution of sorts, by sheer numbers..

We had a visit from Sri Pushpendra Tyagi and his team. We have discussed the concept and have made up our mind to move in this direction. Mukul, Fakru and Cyril Sahab were also here to discuss, encourage and help us. We will be beginning with the most basic computer literacy course under PMGDISHA

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