Saturday, June 10, 2017

Parent Teacher Meeting & GOOD NEWS!

We had a parent teacher meeting in our primary school at Jakhadhar on 10th June 2017. About six women and twenty or so men, most of whom have a child studying in the school were here. We gave them the updates and the greetings from Ruben and Maggi. We also discussed pressing issues: parents big role in sending the child in a good state of cleanliness and ready to study- ie. along with all the necessities like pencil, rubber, school bag etc. We also discussed about a little riese in school fee. School management committee was also elected. Parnets have assured to ive us ful support in making the school, what they ideally wish it to. Coming months will show us where we really stand with them. 
It was very inspiring to listen to a young father, who began talking about the school as it used to be when he himself was studying here! We gave them a simile to consider: In the deepest winter, you dont doubt that seasons will change and spring will come. The school too is passing through a difficult time. But it can turn the corner provided we ALL push. 
From school side: four of us participated: Satyendra, Sultan, Chain Singh and Kedar Singh.
Finally the GOOD news: SMTA has received FCRA renewal for next 5 years! Thanks for all your support, help and PRAYERS! Let us get ready for action now..

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