Sunday, May 7, 2017

6-7 May

 Vaibhav, a person who stammers (pws) came to SMTA campus. He interacted with Sultan ji, Dhaneshi ji and Kundan ji. He analysed one positive experience from the past and discussed what were the possible factors behind his success and how those factors could be mainstreamed into a desirable life style.
Vaibhav has done his class twelve and is making up his mind about doing B. Tech - from India or abroad? We discussed various pros and cons of each option.
Finally we organised a mock interview for him. His father ( a teacher at Rikhaad) and Mother also came and were counseled by sachin. This can be a difficult time for the whole family when an adolescent child wants to go away for career or training. About this time, the child begins to see himself as an individual (and not a satellite revolving around parents) and wants to take decisions in THAT light. Parents expect the child to behave in the same old"dependent" way. This opens up a chasm of mis-understanding and lack of communication. We hope that this family will soon come to grips with all these issues. Vaibhav also spent some time with the two dogs- Leo and Moti- and seem to have enjoyed it. We concluded the workshop on 7th.


  1. Wow.. I missed all fun.. workshop toll place for a single pws.. thats the spirit:)

  2. Yes, SMTA is all about motivating oneself and others always- no matter what! Drop in sometime!