Monday, May 15, 2017

Jogio Mela

Bangles for women
 Jogio is a village at about 6000 feet in Chakrata mountains. A dusty unpaved road connects it to Chakrata, 25 km away. In the month of May, a Mela is organised to celebrate a local deity. The deity (Devta) is brought in a palanquin, carried by four men (from families traditionally playing this role) and the palanquin is made to dance..
This year it was on 14th May. On the long brow of a mountain, people gathered in their colorful dresses. Vendors offered colorful sweets and salties- ice-cream too - while everyone waited for the Devta.
I met some children from our SMTA school. All dressed up for mela!

Most fairs in Himalayas are meant to honor some Deity- and offer a chance for women to get out of their villages, away from the daily drudgery. A great time for socializing in the hills where time moves slowly...
Pakodi shop

Crowd  gathers by 12 noon..

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