Saturday, May 13, 2017

Why dogs?

In a study in the west, it was discovered that old people staying in well furnished and serviced homes were, never the less, suffering from depression. The psychologists gave half of them a small indoor plant to care for. Other half was given some other treatment. Six month later, the "plant group" was doing better- they were more cheery and social- and had less complaints about aches and pains. The conclusion was: caring for others, being responsible for others, somehow sets us free from our constant preoccupation with "my aches, pains, health, heart ache" etc.

But these two dogs are also a sensitive indicator of another dimension of our abilities as a team: Are we good at multi-tasking or not? Do we remember to pour water in their bowl? Move them around to shady part of the campus as the day advances? while doing all other things in SMTA? etc.

We hope to stand all these tests because we do love Moti and Leo!

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