Friday, May 5, 2017

How to reach us?

Some new comers may have problem. But it is easy.
Reach Bhimawala Village on the outskirts of Vikasnagar and ask anyone about "Samta campus". It is a tall yellow building in the middle of fields. Here is the Google earth coordinates (Copy paste them):
30°27'59.12"N ,  77°45'31.66"E

A good landmark is: Dr Anil's Eye Clinic, which is on your right, as you approach Vikasnagar from Herbertpur/ Dehradun. Opposite this eye clinic, a lane is branching off on the left. Take it and enquire about SMTA campus.
If any problem give us a ring:
9412174911 (Sultan ji)
9412152249 (Kundan ji)

Keep exploring!

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